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11 Screen-Free Things To Do This Weekend

11 Screen-Free Things To Do This Weekend

Resist the allure of the TV, the iPad, the phone. Scratch that, because I bet you don't need much convincing to stay away from screens on the weekend. It's the kids that are feeling that pull more than anyone.

Full disclosure: Everyone at Boomdash loves TV and the wonderful, relaxing downtime and family time it brings. It's more the constant requests to turn it on or "watch another show" that we're trying to avoid. So offer up one or more of these activities that make much better use of their hands and brains than the remote control.
Instantly grow a cactus
Use the downloadable templates to create a range of shapes and sizes, and even the pots they'll sit in. Pom-pom embellishment makes 'em extra cute.
Plant a pizza garden
Plant basil, tomatoes, peppers, oregano, parsley, and scallions in pots indoors or in a garden space, and come late summer, you’ll have everything you need for a killer pie.

Send them on a scavenger hunt
It's basically the modern-day equivalent to a search for buried treasure (i.e., impossible to resist). If you want to make it brainy, throw some spelling and math into the clues.

Make slime (the new play dough)
Playing with slime gives them that gooey texture they’ll love, but with virtually no cleanup. Plus it’s boredom-proof with all the variations, from the original Elmer's Glue recipe all the way to the cool magnetic version.

Dye eggs (even though it’s not Easter)
Make this one a year-round activity, since you can (and should) eat them any time of year. Melted wax will give them an exotic look.

Get into origami
Start with paper, end with a hat or a dog or a dragon. It works fine motor skills, but word to the wise: be careful not to choose anything too complicated, or it might end up crumpled on the floor.

Get messy with shaving cream marbling art
Playing with shaving cream is a sensory experience that any kid (who are we kidding, even adults) will love, and by throwing water colors into the mix you’ll create craft-time utopia. Use the prints as stationery or wall art.
Ready-For-the-Weekend Clothes
    Redecorate their room with these fun yarn globes
    Your kids will love making these yarn globes just as much as you'll love how they turn out, and the finished product looks like something out of a high-end design store for an easy room upgrade.

    Open a beauty parlor with manicures and homemade bath bombs
    It's time for a little spa time. This science-experiment-in-hiding looks and smells amazing. What else could you they (or you) ask for?

    Make a family flag
    Get the whole family involved designing a crest that fits the family (think of the focus groups)—the process is inclusive of a wide range of kids.

    Make giant paper mache letters to decorate their room
    Whether you knock out their initials or their whole name, creating paper mache cardboard letters will personalize their bedroom or playroom.

    Teach ‘em how to play cards and gamble with goldfish crackers
    Build a little healthy competition by using goldfish to gamble (hello. it’s math) and work that afternoon snack in.